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Create a remarkable experience for job seekers and your future employees.

Make your company known to your candidates with a modern and authentic career site.

In collaboration with alteeHR

The new way to attract and hire top talent

The talentmeet career site is designed and optimized to ensure that it attracts visitors and converts them into candidates. All blocks are built with your candidates in mind, to ensure you give them the best experience.

Personalized careers page

Photos, Videos, Texts, FAQs, Benefits, Testimonials, Statistics, Social networks, Filters and more!

Personalized talent file bank

CV, Letters, Portfolios, Contact details, Social media links, Filters, Files, Customizable labels, Pre-selection form

Collaborative recruitments

Invite all hiring managers to leave written comments about each candidate.

Personalized recruitment pipelines

Kanban boards (columns / steps) 100% customizable for each of your jobs to be filled.

Automated email follow-up

Using 100% customizable templates, automate email follow-up for each candidate.

Pre-selection and application forms

Using 100% customizable templates, add screening forms to each of your jobs.

Be 100% autonomous on the entire HR process

Stop relying on IT and Marketing to manage your online recruiting activities!

Be autonomous, from visibility on the web to hiring talent, without any technical manipulation!

The first good impression goes both ways

To do this, we have designed the careers page of the future.

Ranging from organizational structure, statistics, skills development, career progression, internal and external working environment, photos, videos and more.

Image collaboration pour améliorer la marque employeur

Stay organized, customize and automate at your own pace!

Create personalized hiring sequences for each position, from screening to hiring. Add screening forms and automated email submissions that will help you deliver a unique experience.

Do you want to go further? We can help you!

Thanks to our partnership with alteeHR, automatically transform your recruited candidates into employees and benefit from comprehensive and centralized human resources management!

Employee file

Coordonnées, contact d'urgence, salaire, avantages sociaux, formation, gestion de documents et notes de dossier.

Schedule management

Heures de travail par projet, création d'horaire sur mesure, gestion des lieux de travail (présentiel, chantiers, télétravail, etc.)

Monitoring of attendance and absences

Gestion des vacances, pointeuse, statistiques heures travaillés vs planifiés, preuves photographiques.

Internal communication

Invitez les membres de votre entreprise à partager. Visualisez un ''feed d'actualité'' interne avec photos et historique de conversation.

Employee space

Accès aux communications internes et avec les RH, demandes d'absences, congés et vacances, accès et signature électronique des documents employé.

Remote material management

Auto-évaluations, évaluations par les pairs, feuille de progression, satisfaction au travail, formation et évolution de carrière.

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By choosing Talentmeet mobile app, you increase the visibility of your jobs while highlighting your corporate culture valuing new HR trends!


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6-50 employees

150 $

/ mois



Unlimited jobs*

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1 User

51-150 employees

300 $

/ mois



Unlimited jobs*

Real time data

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1 User

151-500 employees

550 $

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Unlimited jobs*

Real time data

CSV Exportation

1 User

+500 employees



Unlimited candidates

Unlimited jobs*

Real time data

CSV Exportation

Unlimited users

Unlimited jobs *:

Post an unlimited number of job offers for one year!

The little extras

+ 1 recruitment module user (external recruiter) : 50$/month

+ 1 recruitment module user (internal recruiter) : 30$/month

+ 1 User atleeHR Pro Package for employee modules : 5$/month/employee (Find out more!)

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